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An Empty Box

An empty box? Is this lady nuts? Probably. Most likely. Yes. But! I love to cook! I graduated from culinary school last year, one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. The people I became friends with are friends for life. There’s a certain breed of people that make cooking their career. Most folks see cooking as a hobby, something to use as a stress relief. Which, it still is for me, don’t get me wrong. But I actually get paid to be stressed. I don’t mind.

I don’t work in a restaurant, though. I have a family and the hours restaurants offer are always terrible hours. There’s a lot of chefs out there who have said they can’t hold onto a relationship because of the hours and the demand of the job. I have worked in a restaurant, but it’s not something I want to go back to. So now I’m a cooking coach. I work in a Texas Grocery Store chain, it’s a really good gig and I still get to be creative and have fun.

So what’s the empty box have to do with anything, you ask? Well, my goal for this blog is to fill your recipes boxes with really cool recipes. Some I’ve done already, most will be my first time to make them too. All of them are fantastic though. I’d like to use some of the recipe books I have, some are family recipes too. I want each of you guys to take something from my blog- I want you to be able to make these same recipes and wow your family and friends! Because these recipes are easy and fun and that’s how cooking should be!


I’m excited to get this blog started and get the ball rolling. I’ll post the first recipe later in the day today for y’all. Y’all are gonna fill those recipe boxes!!


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